Hybrid Inserts- 20 Pack

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Now taking your little ROCK STAR on the go has become even easier!! We now have Hybrid Disposable Inserts which can easily be the best of both worlds!

Rock-a-Bums disposable inserts are made from a super soft BAMBOO viscose, which make them comfy on the most sensitive of bums. Our hybrid insert doesn't come with a plastic backing, therefore you can use 2 or more of them for a TRIM but EFFECTIVE disposable solution. We are sure you will love these no matter what age your little rocker is!

You can stuff it in the Rock-a-Bums cover, or simply lay it in, either way, the absorbency of this disposable insert can't be beat!
•Made from super soft BAMBOO viscose!!
•Use 1 for newborns or daytime light/med wetters, OR, use 2 for overnight and heavy wetters!
•Great for camping or traveling
•Biodegradable! All materials in this hybrid insert break down easily
•Wicks moisture away from baby's bum
•Comes in a convenient 20 pack

We know your little rocker will enjoy these as much as you will enjoy the convenience!