Newborns aren’t made like older babies! They have small legs, and they need the most Blow-out control possible. Either that, or you’ll be changing their little outfits 50 times a day, washing their carseat more often, and possibly packing an extra set of clothes for mom or dad too!

It requires a bit more planning in the design stages to make a great One-Size diaper that will still fit a teensy newborn baby. Good thing we’ve got the best designer on our team with 16 years of experience with diapers and babies!

The baby pictured above is 2 weeks old, and his legs have filled out just a bit, but you can see the diaper really does fit around his legs well. And, used as a cover over disposables, it will still fit a pair of pants easily on top! No more car seat explosions! YES!!!!

You’ll want at least 2-4 “Bomb Shell” covers to go over disposables for a newborn. Or, if using these as your primary diaper, you’ll need about 18-24 total diapers. Rock-A-Bums come with 2 snap-in inserts that allow you to reuse the diaper with a new clean insert up to two times each.

Buy one today and try it out on a teddy bear before your baby is born to see how they work! This is the practical, and totally cute, lifesaver you’ve been waiting for. A must have baby item for sure!