Our diapers have everyone talking!

"This diaper is truly versatile, and yet it is still very simple to use. The first thing I noticed was that the inner lining wasn't WHITE!! Yes, finally! I love that, and not only does it not stain, but it also doesn't absorb anything it is very stay dry against my babies bum. It also is fantastic for dirty diapers because the poop just rolls off no matter the consistency + cold water = amazingly easy to remove solids in the toilet.

The PUL (waterproof outer layer) is SUPER soft!! Like a t-shirt, it's crazy how soft it is. It also feels thinner than regular PUL which in turn makes the whole diaper trimmer underneath his clothes with is also a plus.

The fit was very nice on our son who is a chunk, 8 months 22 lbs."



“I have had the privilege of trying out Rock-A-Bums Diapers on my 2 year old daughter. At first, I was drawn in by their striking colors, different than anything else I’ve ever seen. I soon discovered that there was much more to these than their rockin’ exterior.

The Rock-A-Bums diaper is actually a 5-in-1 system. It can be used as an All-in-One, an All-in-Two, a Pocket Diaper, a Cover over prefolds, or use it with a disposable insert. Awesome to have all of these choices!

First I tried them out as a pocket diaper. They worked awesome! The pockets were generous enough to make them easy to stuff. And with the snap in the back of the diaper, there was no shifting around of the insert like I have experienced with other brands. The soft inner of the diaper was awesome against my baby’s skin.

I have also used them as an All-in-One and an All-in-Two. I loved the All-in-Two option! This is a great way to save on covers! Each cover comes with 2 reusable inserts, so using it as an All-in-Two means it’s like getting 2 diapers for the price of one! The reusable inserts are topped with a stay dry material that is soft and dry next to baby’s skin. They are available for purchase separately so you can stretch your covers even further!"



"Rock-A-Bums fit my daughter great! The waist was very generous, but with the crossover tabs should fit from newborn to chubby toddler. There are rise snaps in the front that give a wide range of rise settings. I was able to find the perfect setting for my skinny toddler, no wing droop, gaps in the legs or red marks! I can’t wait to get more Rock-A-Bums!”



"I've been cloth diapering my babies since 2009. This diaper actually caught my husband's eye, and despite knowing nothing about the brand I jumped and bought it. After many uses over the past year, it still looks brand new! The velcro isn't too pilly, elastics are still perfect, and it is easy for anybody to use!

If your child can whip off velcro diapers, but daddy or grandma cannot do snaps - TRY THIS ANYWAY! It is a thicker, harder to pull apart velcro and will work on Houdini toddlers that love to be naked. Ask me how I know ;)

I love this diaper and feel like it has been a fantastic value. I highly recommend." - Chelsea



"If your unsure what style diaper you want to use, then this diaper is definitely for you!

Rock-a-Bums 5 in 1 cloth diapers can be used as an all in one, all in two, pocket, cover, or hybrid!! WOW!! I really like that I can use this diaper however I want. I like using as pocket diaper at night, all in two during the day and a hybrid shell when we travel!!

I really like colored fleece inner. I never have to worry about unsightly stains!!

They fit well on both my infant and toddler. Being able to use the same diapers on both my girls is really handy. These diapers fit well and do not dig in.

I recommend these diapers to every cloth diapering family. This set comes with a shell, 2 reusable inserts and 1 disposable insert so you get to really test out all this diapers great options!! They are a great value and my family loves the versatility."- Jessica


"As a mom of just boys, the cool Rock-a-Bums cloth diaper prints were what first caught my eye.  It can be difficult to find boy prints that aren’t cuddly and cutesy.

The fit is pretty near perfect.  At 22 months and 26 ish lbs I have all the rise snaps undone.  The disposable hybrid inserts are thin enough that I snap the highest set of rise snaps for a nice trim fit.

More of the review"- Oh So Savvy Mom


"Rock-a-Bums work great on our skinny girl. We are able to adjust the waist to fit her perfectly and still get a good fit in the legs. I like to use it as an all in two and rotate my covers throughout the day. Then when I’m leaving her with a sitter, we just stuff the pocket and she’s good to go!" - Penny


"We love our Rock-A-Bums too!!! We mainly use them as an All-in-two and we have found them to work best when we rotate between 2-3 covers throughout the day! We use one cover, rotate to the next one with a new insert, and then by the next change, the first cover is usually dry, so we reuse that one! Love the system

They are also my go to diaper for nighttime because of the wide crotch and versatility! I can stuff a full bamboo pod in the pocket and use the RAB insert on top and it contains my heavy wetter!" - Ruby