Testimonials of moms

"This diaper is truly versatile, and yet it is still very simple to use. The first thing I noticed was that the inner lining wasn't WHITE!! Yes, finally! I love that, and not only does it not stain, but it also doesn't absorb anything it is very stay dry against my babies bum. It also is fantastic for dirty diapers because the poop just rolls off no matter the consistency + cold water = amazingly easy to remove solids in the toilet.

The PUL (waterproof outer layer) is SUPER soft!! Like a t-shirt, it's crazy how soft it is. It also feels thinner than regular PUL which in turn makes the whole diaper trimmer underneath his clothes with is also a plus.

The fit was very nice on our son who is a chunk, 8 months 22 lbs."



“I have had the privilege of trying out Rock-A-Bums Diapers on my 2 year old daughter. At first, I was drawn in by their striking colors, different than anything else I’ve ever seen. I soon discovered that there was much more to these than their rockin’ exterior.

The Rock-A-Bums diaper is actually a 5-in-1 system. It can be used as an All-in-One, an All-in-Two, a Pocket Diaper, a Cover over prefolds, or use it with a disposable insert. Awesome to have all of these choices!

First I tried them out as a pocket diaper. They worked awesome! The pockets were generous enough to make them easy to stuff. And with the snap in the back of the diaper, there was no shifting around of the insert like I have experienced with other brands. The soft inner of the diaper was awesome against my baby’s skin.

I have also used them as an All-in-One and an All-in-Two. I loved the All-in-Two option! This is a great way to save on covers! Each cover comes with 2 reusable inserts, so using it as an All-in-Two means it’s like getting 2 diapers for the price of one! The reusable inserts are topped with a stay dry material that is soft and dry next to baby’s skin. They are available for purchase separately so you can stretch your covers even further!"

"Rock-A-Bums fit my daughter great! The waist was very generous, but with the crossover tabs should fit from newborn to chubby toddler. There are rise snaps in the front that give a wide range of rise settings. I was able to find the perfect setting for my skinny toddler, no wing droop, gaps in the legs or red marks! I can’t wait to get more Rock-A-Bums!”